Our Curriculum

Dulin Preschool's curriculum is designed to promote a child's social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development using a play-based curriculum.

Our curriculum goals include:

  • Increasing a child's ability to follow directions, handle transitions, and listen in a sustained manner.
  • Developing a child's self-confidence and ability to share and work cooperatively.
  • Helping a child find acceptable outlets for emotions.
  • Providing learning at a child's individual level.
  • Building on skills successively; for example, using manipulatives in order to strengthen hand muscles in preparation for drawing and writing.

Boy making PizzaChildren regularly engage in center-based activities, such as art projects, group time with stories, conversation, songs and music, outside or "rainy-day room" play, and free play. Specialized music and science teachers visit on a regular basis. Our 3s and 4s take several field trips throughout the year, which may include a pumpkin patch, holiday concerts, nature centers, and a pizza parlor!


Dulin Cooperative Preschool is a ministry of Dulin United Methodist Church. While Dulin Preschool families are invited to participate in church events, Dulin Preschool has no religious component or curriculum. We welcome all religious and cultural traditions, and our curriculum introduces our students to a variety of holidays and cultural events.

Girl Painting

Our Facilities

Dulin FacilitiesDulin Cooperative Preschool has three large, above-ground, sunny classrooms. With our larger-than-average classrooms and small-by-design class sizes, our classrooms are inviting and welcoming to children who may not be used to being part of a large group.

Each classroom features a private bathroom with kid-sized plumbing, plus a door leading directly to the fenced playground. Our playground has modern climbing equipment, a large sandbox, a hard-top area for tricycle-riding and chalk-drawing, and lots of structures perfect for imaginative play.

Our well-stocked shed contains tricycles, ride-on toys, balls, shovels, and other playground equipment. On days when outside play is impossible, our indoor Rainy Day Room is the place for active play. This large, carpeted room features mats, climbing equipment, wagons, and small toys.

Our Cooperative Model

Dulin United Methodist Cooperative Preschool was founded in 1967 through the combined visionary efforts of area parents and members of Dulin United Methodist Church. These committed individuals believed strongly in the cooperative model and laid the groundwork for a preschool that would provide the benefits of parental involvement along with professional teaching.

Awarded Parent VolunteersUnlike many cooperative preschools, Dulin Preschool has stayed true to its cooperative model for more than 40 years. Parent participation is mandatory, both in the classroom and in school operations and fundraising; there is no "buy-out" option for these roles.

As a result, Dulin Preschool tends to attract families who place high value on involvement with their children's education and a strong desire to be personally acquainted with their children's teachers, friends, and their families. Year after year, dedicated parent volunteers have followed the cooperative model put in place so long ago.

Our Home - Dulin United Methodist Church

Like much of Falls Church City, Dulin United Methodist Church is a historically significant structure with a fascinating past. We feel fortunate to be housed in a building that has been a prominent Falls Church landmark for almost 150 years!

Dulin United Methodist ChurchDulin United Methodist Church traces its roots back to 1774. Two earlier Methodist church buildings stood nearby, Church Hill and Fairfax Chapel. (The mantel from Church Hill can be viewed outside the Dulin sanctuary.)

When Fairfax Chapel, the second of the two early Methodist churches, was destroyed during the first year of the Civil War, the Southern Methodist faction of this area held services in The Falls Church until they could erect a building of their own. Dulin's first sanctuary was built in 1869 at 513 E. Broad Street, on a site given to the church in 1867 by Willliam Y. Dulin, a prominent landowner.

Since that time, the church has undergone several periods of additional construction, including the school wing used by Dulin Cooperative Preschool, and a major renovation to the sanctuary in 2004.

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